Fee Schedule


Any applicant who does not meet current residency requirements or other established criteria (property owner, institution, business owner, etc. ) will pay an ANNUAL fee of $20.00 if age 18 or older. If applicant is a juvenile (under 18), the fee is $15.00 per year AND the parent or guardian must also have a patron card. No restrictions in the use or service of the library will be placed on a non-resident patron in good standing.



Copies: $.10 per page, no color

Notary: Free

Fax Fees:

(No charge for cover page)

Local: $.10 per page

LD: (409) $.50 per page

LD: (other) $1.00 per page

Laminating Fees:

$1.00 for first item (1 foot)

$.50 for each additional foot

Community Room Rental: $25.00 – At librarian’s discretion (clean-up, after hours, or non-sponsored event fee)

Equipment Rental: Determine by librarian


Overdue Fines:

Print Materials: $.10 per item per library day (max: $5.00)

Audio Books: $.10 per item per library day (max: $5.00)

Movies: $1.00 per item per library day (max: cost of movie)


Interlibrary Loans:

Borrowed from other libraries: $.50 per item per library day (max: $10.00)

Loaned to other libraries: charges not permitted by state requirements

Unused ILL item: $3.00 (average cost to return/ship a title)

Postage Fees: $.50 per each overdue notification mailed

Current postal rate – per each certified letter


Lost & Damaged Item Fees:

Lost item: item cost plus $5.00 processing fee (no processing fee on magazines/newspapers)

Damaged item: Determined by librarian